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Questions Anyone?


Oh no! Something broke...

If your item arrived damaged please contact me within 3 days of receiving your item and ship it back to us within 7 days after I have emailed you back. You're return shipping will be reimbursed, because come on, that's not cool! 

If damage occurs after prolonged wear, please contact me! Send an email to with a photo of your item and I will do my best to see what can be done.

I can very easily fix minor issues however, you will have to pay for shipping it back to me. Depending on the extent of the damage there may be a fee for repairs. 

Returns or Exchanges?

I'm afraid I do not accept returns or exchanges.

If you have any questions, no matter how big or small, contact me before purchasing the item you are interested in.

Be sure to read the entire description as I try my hardest to ensure all details are included.  

You're sold out?!!

If an item is sold out/out of stock then they are no longer available.

Certain items are one of a kind and cannot be reproduced- others I may make more of, I will announce a restocking date on our Instagram.

What's up with shipping?

It should take anywhere from 4 - 7 business days to arrive once shipped. 

However, as I live in what is considered a 'rural' area for the postal service, it may take a day or two longer than what is stated after I've shipped your item.

All my items are ready to ship, and I am a one woman show so, please allow 3-5 days for me to process and package your item. 

As for International Shipping...I'll be honest, I have yet to ship to another country so I will let you know how it goes <3


Be mindful of how you treat your jewelry.

Jewelry should never be submerged in water for long periods of time.

This means taking it off before hopping in the shower, or even washing your hands and especially if going into the ocean. But, things happen and if your piece does come into contact with water be aware it will diminish its colors & oxidize the metals over time.

  • Charms of 14k or 18k Gold will not tarnish as quickly. 

  • Sterling silver pieces are coated in wax to prolong shine. 

  • All Electroformed pieces are coated to protect them from oxidizing however, if worn while showering or washing hands soap may slowly wear away the coating. 

If metal jewelry gets wet, allow pieces to dry fully and use a polishing cloth back the shine on oxidized metals.

If you live in a moist environment (like I do!) and notice your jewelry tarnishes easily, you may add on an  anti-tarnish tab with your purchase that can be placed in jewelry boxes to prolong your items shine.

FAQ: Warranty Disclaimer

Continued Care Instructions

Every piece is different and requires unique kinds of care depending on what your item is made out of.

Wood Products

Oh my Sweet Metals!

Although wood is strong, these pieces should be handled with great care.

Wooden rings are meant for ornamental purposes and should be removed before swimming, showering, exercising and even when washing hands. 

Wooden rings should not be worn during times of labor intensive activities as they have be turned to thin pieces of wood to fit the metal ring core- making them quite fragile. 

They have been coated with a water resistant seal and finished with wax but this may wear off over time thus why it is not 

recommended to wear while washing hands with soap or other harsh chemicals as it will cause your piece to lose its shine.  

Wreaths and other wooden home decor are also very fragile and should never be allowed to get wet. If you live in a moist place like I do, the wetness could create mold and that's not good! 

Resin Goods

They may seem strong, but other elements can wear them down. 


Golden rule- Everything oxidizes! Whether it be from your sweat and oils or the surrounding moisture in the air. 

A polishing cloth can be used to help restore the shine of your item (see Other Goodies section in shop to purchase cloth).

Electroformed pieces will receive a polishing cloth included with your purchase.  

Copper Products

Evidence of oxidation is a teal/blue color on the item (usually from water getting stuck in small creases on the item) or a blackening of the item or your skin. This may also be cause by soaps, perfumes or other harsh chemicals wearing off the protective coat.

This is natural of copper, and because of this I put a protective coating on all my copper electroformed pieces. However, if you notice this starts to happen after prolonged wear please contact me and I can refinish your item. 


Raw or polished, no two will look the same.

I do my best to capture the colors and essence of stones as accurate as possible however, they always look better in person. 

Be aware the item you receive may not be identical as the one shown in the photo on the site due to natural variety, unless is stated otherwise in the product description. 

As I have received many stones over the years from random grab bags after giving donations at Gem Fairs and am not an extremely knowledgeable gem identifier-I will state in the product description if the stone is unknown/uncertain; these items are also already discounted for the fact that I can't tell you what they are, but if you know please feel free to share the knowledge! 

Depending on the hardness of a stone (called the Mohs Hardness) I may be required to seal it before electroforming. I will also do this to increase the longevity of your stone incase it gets wet. 

*Raw Kyanite is a good example of a stone I protectively coat*

Products made with resin are one of a kind, no two are the same

Each piece is carefully crafted by hand and may have minor imperfections such as bubbles and small holes. Although resin is a very durable material it should be handled with care. Yellowing of resin may occur if left in places of direct sunlight for long periods of time and may cause the color of items used in resin to diminish (particularly plant matter). Resin pieces should also never be in places of high temperatures as this can melt your item, they can withstand water better than other materials but I still do not recommend submerging in water...especially a hot tub.


To bring back the beautiful shine of your piece, gently polish with a microfiber cloth (this is not the same as a polishing cloth, a polishing cloth may scratch/dull your piece depending on the cloth) 


What is resin? 

Resin is a clear viscous plastic substance that hardens to a glass like feel and is used to encapsulate material. 

What resin brand do I use?

Art Resin is my jam! I've played around with several different brands and I loved the quality of this resin the most and its food safe once fully cured! 

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