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Let the world be your inspiration.

Creating with the gifts of nature.

It was important for me to create a name that embodied why I do, what I do.

Cuagau (pronounced coo-ah-gow) Designs, is the combination of the elemental symbols for

Copper (Cu), Silver  (Ag) and Gold (Au). 

I have always had a fondness for creating art by combining a variety of materials.

Never see limits for what one can use to create a piece of art. 


Within my designs of jewelry and home decor I utilize a variety of mediums to create unique gifts

that allows others to cherish & honor the presents our Earth provides. 

From a diverse collection of locally gathered flora in Humboldt County, California 

to precious metals and minerals, I hope my art encapsulates the beauty of Nature itself and

adds to the beauty of wearer or essence of a home.  



We are Allie (Cuagau Designs) & Michael (Samsara Woodcraft)

We both have always had a fondness for making, building and creating but, it wasn't until we met that our creative exploration truly developed.

As if working in a small pizza place in a tiny town wasn't giving us enough time together, we embarked on yet another journey to share. 

We are, with the warmest parts of our hearts, so thankful to be able to share with others our creations and to let you all be apart of that journey. 

With Gratitude,

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